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FOBDA exists to equip youths with leadership and entrepreneurial skills with the aim of increasing business development in Africa. We believe that through business development, Africa will be able to reduce cases of poverty and unemployment in Africa. Statistics according to World Bank shows that in Africa, almost 60% of the youths are jobless.

On the other hand, statistics also shows that 377 million Africans will still be living on less than $1.90 a day and very few African countries will have ended poverty. Realizing this, FOBDA came to help Africans find other means of reducing poverty and unemployment. Business creation has been our first attempt towards ending poverty and unemployment because we have realized that we do not have enough businesses to hire skilled people into work. It is our hope that through business development, people particularly the youths will change their mindsets to entrepreneurship than relying only on employment.

However, we have a challenge.We need support from you.

We do not have access to transport, and this is making us to face challenges when it comes to holding workshops or going to fields

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