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FOBDA History

Foundation for business development in Africa (FOBDA) was established in 2014 by McClintock AcSmhour who is the CEO of the organization. The formation of FOBDA was due to research findings that revealed that cases of poverty and unemployment are real issues in Africa. Therefore, FOBDA was formed due to the high demand from the youths on the lack of knowledge on entrepreneurial skills. In his research, AcSmhour discovered that the majority of people almost everywhere in the world always consider finding a job after their studies the first and greatest choice to make rather than starting small-scale businesses. The most common reason they give about being unable to start businesses is that they do not have money to do so. Due to this, many people in most parts of Africa face a financial crisis because employment opportunities in Africa are very rare. 

AcSmhour discovered that there is a huge gap between employment levels and investments in Africa because the number of people looking for jobs is increasing every day yet employers are very few. This is so because, among the graduates from different universities in Africa, a large number of them plan to seek jobs and very few think of investments, and this decreases the level of investments and increases the levels of those searching for jobs hence unemployment level also increases. The formation of FOBDA was, therefore, very critical and indispensable because few formal organizations encourage people strongly on issues of entrepreneurship. Of course, African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) is one of the formal organizations doing a great job of addressing these issues, but ACBF is only concentrating on Namibia, Botswana, Eswatini, and South Africa among all the countries in Africa.

Therefore, the formation of FOBDA provides the best service and critical skills of business development, business management, and leadership skills that many people require in their lives.  Most importantly, the formation of the Organization was to respond to the plight of the youths who seem to have abandoned the significance of investments and considers employment as their priority which is the major challenge affecting African communities economically, socially, and politically. The organization teaches people to realize that they have resources locally available around them, and they just need to see and utilize them. Through this approach, AcSmhour believes that Africa will be able to reduce cases of poverty and unemployment.


McClintock AcSmhour

McClintock Grey AcSmhour is a young Malawian with a passion to make a difference in the lives of others and the world around him. AcSmhour is not only the Founder and CEO of FOBDA, but he is also a lecturer at Malawi Assemblies of God University (MAGU) and Director of TMAC Consultant in Malawi. Besides, AcSmhour is the author of two books: Discovering Your Passion: The Journey of Leadership and Reconciliation: A Way To Building Spiritual Family and Community. He is currently a student at Abilene Christian University (ACU), in Texas USA, studying for a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (Ministerial Leadership). He holds BTh.OL from African Christian College (ACC), Swaziland; Diploma in Legal Studies; Diploma in English language and Literature; Diploma in Marketing, and Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages obtained from Arizona State University. His attitude and vision for transformation prove him to be an African change agent.

Noel Ndawala

Noel Ndawala is a professional community developer, entrepreneur, leader, and speaker with 7 years of experience in the banking industry as a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) officer in the loans department. Ndawala has also been a lecturer at Lilongwe Technical College (LTC) in Lilongwe, Malawi where he worked for 3 years. Currently, Ndawala is the Founder and CEO of Happy Homes Foundation (HHF), which is a charity organization that supports vulnerable children and empowers African women to become more effective people economically and socially in their communities. Ndawala is also working as a Board Member at Tingathe Women which is a social enterprise organization based in Lilongwe, Malawi, and as a change agent, Ndawala is an Executive Director at Foundation for Business Development in Africa (FOBDA) since 2018.

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